ACV Group Growth & Innovation                                                   Worldwide Sice 1969


To satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and ours through the manufacturing of world class goods and services, complying with quality, delivery time, and with competitive prices; allowing for the development of our personnel and respecting the environment.


In ACV, Equipos Inoxidables del Norte, S.A. de C.V. we are convinced that continuous improvement in comprehensive quality is the path to attain a sustainable development, which will yield competitiveness in the global markets we venture into with our products and services. 



• Proactivity

• Productivity

• Respect for the Environment

• Innovation

• Continuous Improvement 

Quality Policy:

We are committed to implement, maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System capable of satisfying the needs of our customers and ours, based on the measurement of our processes and established quality objectives, promoting staff development and preservation enviroment. 

Integrity Policy:

In ACV, our businesses are founded in the trust placed on us by our clients and in the market we follow. Our Ethics and Integrity Policy consists of:

Equity and Objectivity. We protect the information provided to us by our clients and suppliers in the industry without any exceptions regarding their status.

Opinions Based on Facts. Our opinions and analytical recommendations are based on facts, independent research, measurements, and market tendencies.

Confidentiality and Intention. All businesses with our clients are protected by confidentiality agreements.

Conflicts of Interest. We do not promote employing anything that is not in the contract. 

Environmental Policy:

In ACV Group, a company dedicated to the metal-mechanical industry, we declare that we are committed to:

• Prevent and mitigate pollution derived from our activities, products and services.

• Comply with and follow up on our environmental objectives and goals.

• Efficient usage of natural resources, especially focus at water and energy.

• Develop   training   and   environmental   awareness   among   all   our stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers and in general the whole of society), in order to improve the environmental conditions of our surroundings.

• Accomplish with the environmental requirements applicable to ACV and others. 

• Find alternatives to continually improve our environmental performance.

In order to achieve our commitments, we implement and develope an Environmental Management System that contributes to the grown sustainable of our company, the conservation of biodiversity, ecosystems and the protection of the environment, minimizing the waste generation, ensuring a responsible and safe management. 

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